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SWEAT1000 is the World’s Most Balanced Workout and can burn over 1,000 calories in 45 minutes. 
We Run, Row, Ride, Hit and Lift.

We have over 10,000 exercises recorded in our Workout Library which forms our 6 Programs aka Phases – FITTER, STRONGER, BETTER, TABATA, HYRBRID AND ENDURO. These Programs are the cornerstone of our Brand. They offer variety and progression for the mind and body.

In summary, our Training is different and better than others, for 4 main reasons:

1. We blend Cardio + Core + Resistance. This burns fat, burns calories and builds lean muscle all at once.

2. Our programs are backed by Science. Constantly blending Cardio + Resistance at high intensity levels with short rests embraces the power of Science, known as EPOC aka Afterburn, so we burn calories for days after the session.

3. We train Resistance in Isolation. We don’t try and tone every muscle in 45 minutes because you can’t. We isolate a different muscle group each day to focus on the muscle more and burn it deeper plus allow it (and the central nervous system) to recover fully and safely. This also allows you to train with us more often!

4. We provide the BEST equipment in the World. Our members get to use Technogym’s Skillmill, Skillrow and Group Cycle Bike from Italy, Aqua Training Bags from USA, the biggest range of Free Weights, Kettle Bells, Sand Bags, Smash Balls, Battle Ropes, Skip Ropes, Resistance Bands, Booty Bands, TRX Straps etc. Even our Flooring is the BEST in the World. It’s COVID approved, waterproof, antibacterial, virgin rubber and all the way from Spain.

Our sessions are community inclusive and have NO EGOS, NO MIRRORS, JUST SWEAT.

We are results driven and every day is different!

Here is an example of our weekly programme:

Cardio + Core + Upper Body Resistance
Mon, Thurs

Cardio + Core + Lower Body Resistance
Tues, Fri

Cardio + Core + Total Body Resistance
Wed, Sat

Cardio + Core

Our Isolated training methods allow you to train with us more often & more effectively.
We recommend the following routine for the best results:

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OUR franchises

SWEAT1000 is undertaking a franchising strategy to expand our Premium Group Training brand into communities throughout Australia.

If you are a passionate and professional self starter then please fill in the Application Form for more details: 

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SWEAT1000 will challenge you like no other.